Zero Load Shedding Claim By Government Angers Public – See How They Reacted

Start of the week blew the social media community away as #RoshniPromisedRoshniDelivered  was trending on Twitter. As stated by a government official, significant percentage of the population will be enjoying zero load-shedding from the start of the week.

In a media statement, Sardar Awais Leghari, Power Division Minister claimed that their efforts have made 63% of the feeders totally load-shedding free (Monday on wards). With that, the exact number of these feeders was claimed as 5297 out of 8600 total across Pakistan (Source: Geo News).

The news speculated with people seeing it as a hope while others totally not buying it as well. People highlighted many aspects associated with the claim.

The public stated their own experience completely rejecting the authenticity of the ‘zero load-shedding’ achievement.
As people from Karachi had already been excluded from this privileged category, people from Lahore also complained about the absence of electricity for hours on the very day of the news.


However, another fact that cannot be neglected either is that electricity is not an issue during colder months due to low consumption, the truth will be unveiled in summers when usage increases. Unavailability of Sui Gas raises concerns and inconvenience during winters, that still remains a neglected issue awaiting attention.

And of course, the disparity on the basis of provinces still remains a question yet to be answered.

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