Azfar Rehman clears the air, provides more details on his ‘harassment’ claim

'I completely support the #MeToo campaign, and it’s great that people are coming out and calling for help.'

Azfar Rehman talks about his brush with harassment.

Recently, Azfar Rehman stirred up an online controversy when he responded to an interview question about his take on the ‘Me Too’ campaign. In reply to the question, the actor claimed that he was harassed.

Details of Azfar’s interview

While answering a question about his take on the Me Too campaign, Azfar said:

I completely support the #MeToo campaign, and it’s great that people are coming out and calling for help.

The actor added:

However, some people use these campaigns to their [own] advantage.

Sharing his own experience of being harassed, Azfar Rehman said:

Being a male artist, I was also harassed by a couple of female artists in the past, but I don’t want to name [them]. I have ignored it. But people should know that women cannot always be right.

Here is the full interview video:

Most people assumed that Azfar Rehman referred to ‘sexual harassment’ and started a brawl on social media.

Following the uproar, Azfar Rehman took to his social media profile to clarify his stance. The actor asserted that he was referring to ‘harassment’ and not ‘sexual harassment’.

Azfar Rehman explains the harassment he faced.

Azfar Rehman’s clarification

The actor took to Instagram to post an official statement to clarify the harassment claim. He said:

In a 3-year-old interview, I briefly talked about harassment and not sexual harassment I faced as a newcomer 15 years ago.

He further stated:

The harassment I faced was all about power play, clanning, humiliation, and bullying. It had absolutely no sexual (harassment) aspect. To be clear, I did not even use that term.

Azfar Rehman further added:

Our social platforms must understand and educate our people that harassment is not always sexual harassment; these are two totally separate things. I have [the] utmost respect for women. At the same, I also believe that good and bad people are everywhere.

Concluding the statement, the actor said:

Apologies if I have hurt any sentiments.

It should be noted that, in his statement, Azfar Rehman said that the interview was three years old. However, the interview in question was uploaded on the 19th of February, 2021, on the YouTube channel Nashpati Prime.

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