Zoheb Hassan Threatens Nazia Hassan’s Ex-husband Of Legal Action If He Makes A Movie On Her

Even after years post her departure, Pakistani pop star, the stunning Nazia Hassan remains a sweetheart for the country. Still mesmerized by the voice of gone-too-soon star.  The lawyer, social activist and celebrated singer held immense popularity in Pakistan and still does.
Being part of the iconic duo with her brother Zoheb, Nazia has ruled the hearts since forever.

Apparently taking advantage of her popularity and the emotional bond fans share with her, Nazia’s ex-husband is wishful of cashing out on the opportunity.

Nazia parted ways with her ex-husband Ishtiaq Baig 10 days before her death, putting an end to her controversial and talked about marital life. Zoheb Hassan recently took to Twitter denouncing the step, saying that Ishtiaq is looking to mint money in Nazia’s name and is trying to make a movie on her life.


Zoheb expressed great resentment on it and shared complete disconnection with it. He said that anyone entertaining the individual will be legally sued. It still remains the question that how Ishtiaq owns the right to make a movie on her life without seeking approval from her family, as Nazia was not his wife at the time of his death.

Shedding light on the legal capacity to do so, Zoheb clarifies that her ex-husband has no legal position to do so and if he tries to make an attempt at it to feature himself and make money using late star’s name, he will be facing legal consequences.

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Following his tweet, Nazia’s fans showed immense love and support for her saying that no matter what happens, she will have her fans by her side. Here is what the followers said:

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