Latest updates on TikToker Zoi Hashmi’s alleged rape video that went viral online

In the video, a distressed and crying Zoi Hashmi is seen in an unacceptable condition.

Netizens demand justice for Zoi Hashmi.

Another harrowing incident of sexual violence against women in Pakistan has become the talk of the town. The conversation sparked when a video of Pakistani TikToker Zoi Hashmi allegedly being raped surfaced online.

In the video, a distressed and crying Zoi Hashmi is seen in an unacceptable condition. Sources allege that the Pakistani TikTok star and social media influencer was raped.

Netizens Demand Justice

As soon as the video went viral on social media, a massive outrage enveloped all social platforms. Netizens took to these online public spaces to demand the prosecution of the culprits.

History of TikToker Leaked Video Scandals

It should be noted that plenty of TikTok stars have recently become victims of leaked video scandals. The victims of these leaked videos include TikTokers such as Nadeem Mubarak AKA Nadeem Naniwala, Romaisa Khan, Jannat Mirza, and Aiman Zaman.

Most of these videos were of rape or sexual violence and fell under the evidence of a rape crime.

All TikTokers that became rape victims.

Previous instances of leaked videos included TikTokers engaging in pre-marital coitus, deemed a crime in Pakistan and prosecuted under adultery.

It is pertinent to mention that the laws that prosecute these actions are stated in military Dictator General Zia-ul-Haq’s ‘Hudood Ordinances’. However, sources observe that after the military dictator’s fall, the regulations only remain a part of Pakistan’s legislation and are not enforced aggressively.

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  • ویڈیو کے اینڈ میں باقاعدہ اچھے طریقہ سے گپ شپ کررہی ہے اس کو زور زبردستی نہی کہہ سکتے بلکہ وہ ویڈیو بنانے پر احتجاج کررہی تھی

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