Malik Riaz’s daughter posts abusive comments on photos of son, Alyzeh Gabol again

In September, rumors of the two parting their ways started making rounds on social media.

Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh GabolDespite rumors of separation between Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol, the couple is reportedly still living together. They were recently spotted at the Dubai International cricket stadium during a match of the T20 World Cup.

The family of Zoraiz Malik has never approved of their marriage. The daughter of Malik Riaz and Zoraiz’s mother, Aasia Amer, has been publicly calling them out on her Instagram. Aasia Amer once again hit out at the two when she posted a picture of Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol together.

“Well done,” Aasia Amer wrote while addressing Zoraiz Malik. She added: “You deserve this prostitute who slept with everyone and stay blessed with this stigma.”

Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol

Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik’s Divorce:

In September, rumors of the two parting their ways started doing the rounds on social media. Later, his mother posted a video of Zoraiz’s father signing the divorce paper. She also shared a picture of the divorce papers.

Aasia Amer’s accusations against Alyzeh:

Last month, Malik Riaz’s daughter accused Alyzeh Gabol of having an affair with a guy. She also shared screenshots of a conversation between two guys without revealing their identities.

The screenshots were shortly deleted by her but t just a few moments later, Zoraiz Malik shared a picture with Alyzeh Gabol on his Instagram.

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