Model Zoya Nasir reveals how her mother, who is a politician, was kidnapped three times from the motorway

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Makeup artist turned actress Zoya Nasir recently appeared in a TV show where she revealed the incident of her mother’s kidnapping.

During the interview, Zoya talked about how her mother had been kidnapped three times from the motorway.

Zoya’s mother is a politician and served as a member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly in 2008.

Zoya stated that robbers kidnapped her mother, dropped her at some dangerous location, and then escaped with her car.

Following this, Zoya also revealed details of another incident that caused her great distress. The Dhoop ki Dewar actress said that she had parked the car with one of her colleagues, and they forgot to lock the car.

Suddenly, a man opened the door and forcefully demanded that Zoya and her colleague hand him everything valuable. Zoya said that she thought that she was about to be kidnapped. Hence, she ran away and started screaming for help, and she was saved because the man didn’t carry a gun.  As soon as Zoya started shouting, the robber fled the scene.

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