Zulfi Bukhari has been named among South Asia’s Best Dressed Men and yes, we agree!

Other names on the list were Virat Kohli, Riz Ahmed, and Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

A UK-based lifestyle magazine ‘Asian Style Magazine’ has compiled a list for South Asia’s 5 Best Dressed Men, and it features Pakistani businessman and PTI leader Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari.

Zulfi Bukhari, who also serves as the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistani, is known for his always on-point style sense. The magazine read that Bukhari can pull off eastern and western wear.

In an interview, when asked how he would describe his style, he said it was ‘normal’. The interviewer questioned him why he didn’t wear suits anymore and if it was because Imran Khan said Zulfi dresses like he’s in France, to which Bukhari replied that isn’t the case. He feels more comfortable in shalwaar kameez.

Here are a few photos of Bukhari:

The list also mentioned Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, saying that the actor can make anything work for him. Other names on the list are Virat Kohli, Riz Ahmed, and Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

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  • Bu.ll Sh.it …. there are many better than him…. Kaam kaaj karta koi nhi hay yeah aur bus apni projection mayn laga howa hay….

  • Are we really that depressed, FFS take small wins and enjoy life one small bit at a time. THIS IS FEEL GOOD NEWS. FEEL GOOD. Stop finding faults in everything.

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