Zulfi Bukhari invites overseas Pakistani doctors to bring ideas and expertise

He said that the government will play a part in transporting medical equipment to the country to provide medical services to Pakistanis.



To bring innovative ideas, technology, and expertise in the country, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistans Zulfiqar Bukhari has invited overseas Pakistani doctors.

During the 10th International Medical Conference organized by Medics International at a local hotel, he guaranteed provision of one window solution as medical tourism could enhance the country’s economy.

He said that the government will play a part in transporting medical equipment to the country to provide quality medical services to Pakistanis.

As per Zulfiqar Bukhari, his ministry had signed a joint venture with the Federal Ministry of Health equal to Rs. 30 million to set up ‘Yaran-i-Watan’, an institute which would arrange treatments of patients abroad.

“The Rs30 million seed money would be provided by the government while donations would be sent by the overseas Pakistani doctors. On a number of occasions patients cannot be treated in Pakistan, because of the unavailability of facilities, so they are sent abroad.”

”The institute would arrange their treatment abroad or it will ensure that overseas Pakistani doctors come to Pakistan and provide treatment such as surgeries, etc., to the patients”, said Secretary of Ministry of National Health Services, Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik.

Zulfiqar Bukhari asked overseas Pakistani doctors to bring their ideas and expertise in the sectors of medicine, education, and health to increase the capacity and actualize health reforms in the country.

During the conference, Medics International’s Founder Dr. Wajih Rizvi Zulfiqar said that his organization had accomplished a lot of healthcare-based relief work in Pakistan whenever the country had faced natural disasters, like earthquakes and floods, etc.

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